Livestock farming in Spain suffers from a situation of “bureaucratic collapse”, according to UPA

The Union de Pequeños Agricultores y Ganaderos (UPA) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture to explain the “bureaucratic collapse” that, in its opinion, livestock farms are suffering. A collapse that could be aggravated with the implementation of the new figure of the “exploitation veterinarian.”



“We can’t take it anymore,” say the UPA ranchers in their letter to the Ministry. The volume of bureaucracy in the use and treatment of sick animals with antibiotics or anti-inflammatories is “absolutely brutal.” Farms in Spain must have clinic, reproduction, quality and ADS veterinarians on a permanent and daily basis. Veterinarians who, according to the agricultural organization, “dedicate themselves more to paperwork than to caring for animals.”

“Spain cannot afford to lose more ranchers,” they say from UPA, which is why they demand a support plan for livestock farming that rationalizes regulations, gives professionals time to adapt and protects this “absolutely essential” profession for the food sovereignty of Spain and Europe.

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