Meat, healthy and essential food for physical and mental growth

The guide ‘Healthy eating in the school stage’, launched by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2017, explains that “food is a process that accompanies us throughout life, through which we obtain the nutrients that allow us to cover the requirements of the organism ”and specifies that for the development and physical and mental growth to occur in an adequate manner“ it is essential to provide a diet that meets the nutritional needs of each stage ”.

It is important to mention that the guide refers to food as a cultural process, explaining that “the different ways of eating in each country are defined, among other factors, by the territory, its traditions, history and economy”.

The guide has proven that in school age there is a high percentage of consumption of sweets, sweets, sugary drinks and processed products. Obviously, the healthy diet is not that of sugar intake

The guide makes a healthy menu proposal according to the food group and its frequency of consumption. It recommends the intake of meat, fish, eggs and legumes, twice a day and lean and soft meat 3 to 4 times a week, and twice a week red meat.

The amounts will vary according to age and individual requirements, and it is convenient that they adapt to the sensation of hunger expressed.

We will continue to report on adequate food in school menus, following the guidelines of official institutions.

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