Silver Medal at the Best Awards for Provacuno for the documentary Goodbye Cows

PROVACUNO, the interprofessional organization of beef, has won the Silver Medal at the Best Awards 23, the reference awards in the world of marketing in Spain, for the documentary Goodbye Cows.

Produced in 2022 by the interprofessional company with the support of the Copiloto&Coonic agency, it is a documentary that mixes reality and fiction to show the chaos that a world without cows would entail and the problems it would cause.


Goodbye Cows has obtained the Silver Medal as Best Branded Content within the Food and Retail category in the BestN! Food. The jury has awarded the natural creation or integration of original content of a brand “whose purpose is the transmission of marketing messages that reinforce its values and that connect in an original way, informing and entertaining consumers through relevant content platforms , beyond traditional advertising methods or channels, using storytelling techniques aimed at the consumer”.



The Best Awards are the prizes that bring together marketing professionals in the industry, their agencies and suppliers to recognize the best campaigns and the teams that lead them and define consumer trends that have been affected by recent changes in behavior. of the consumer.

In 2020, PROVACUNO already won the Best Award, also in the Food and Retail category, for the documentary series Fans del Vacuno in which, over 5 episodes, it showed the reality of the beef sector at the hands of its protagonists.

Report in T5 on Goodbye Cows



A documentary that shows the chaos of a world without cattle

On this occasion, PROVACUNO has won this Best Award for its documentary Goodbye Cows. Almost an hour long, it includes reality and fiction through the testimonies of different scientists, researchers and technicians who analyze from an environmental, social, nutritional and economic point of view the consequences that the disappearance of beef cattle would have. , while introducing and intermingling different pieces of fiction to stage what the chaos would be like in that world of 2036. The documentary also reveals who the real stakeholders of the “anti-meat” movement are.

Javier López, director of Provacuno, one of the protagonists of the documentary, highlights that “we are very happy with the good reception it has had since we presented Goodbye Cows and with obtaining prizes and recognitions such as this Best Award, which means that our content is one one of the best in the food sector”.

Regarding the documentary, he wanted to highlight “the unfeasibility” of a world without cattle and the pressure from “economic interests of a few who want to point to a key sector in our country. The beef sector is absolutely necessary for the preservation of our ecosystems and forests, protects the environment, fixes the population in rural areas, produces protein of nutritional quality and high biological value from the use of pastures and non-organic plant material. usable by human beings, in addition to generating direct employment for more than 150,000 families in production alone. We do not want a future as apocalyptic for Spain as the one we can see in this documentary”.

Goodbye Cows highlights the importance of beef cattle farming and refutes with arguments from the scientific side some of the most widespread myths such as the consumption of water for meat production, contamination or health problems caused by its consumption. .

Participating in the documentary are, among others, Frederic Leroy, researcher and professor at the Vrije University of Brussels; Fernando Estellés, professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia; Edelmiro López, from the Applied Economics Group of the University of Santiago de Compostela; Sonia Roig, professor at the Complutense University of Madrid; Edgar Juan, SGISE forest firefighter; Luis Sáez, tenured professor in Applied Economics at the University of Zaragoza; or Lierre Keith, author of the book The Vegetarian Myth, among others.

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