Municipal markets gain purchase share, but the supermarket continues to be the center of consumption

According to the latest survey on consumer habits prepared by the Consumer Association Participation Table (MPAC), municipal markets are gaining attraction for buyers (they go from 11% in 2021 to 13% in 2022). Although the supermarket continues to be the nerve center of purchases for the Catalan consumer, 53% of the purchases in the shopping cart would be made in this area. 11% of consumers stay with small businesses.



The study also analyzes the state of online shopping in Catalonia. The study reveals that 20% of Catalan consumers use the internet as their usual shopping channel, although this share triples the state average.

The study also echoes the importance that the consumer gives to social networks that take them as a source of information to accept or reject the product.

The Catalan consumer is aware of the importance of food for their health and, according to this, 73% state that they maintain healthy habits. More than a third of consumers say that they determine their purchase based on whether the manufacturer or the distributor has an ethical social behavior.

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