Nursing care in a healthy and sustainable diet, protagonists of the webinar organized by INTERPORC

The Higher Institute of Health Training (ISFOS) has organized with the collaboration of the Agri-Food Interprofessional of the White Coat Pork (INTERPORC) and the promotion of the General Council of Official Nursing Colleges of Spain, the webinar ‘Nursing care in healthy and sustainable nutrition ‘. During the event, topics related to nutrition and the responsibilities of nursing professionals were addressed.


Webinario Cuidados enfermería


After the presentation and opening of the event, carried out by Pilar Fernández, director of ISFOS, Marilourdes de Torres Aured, nurse and member of Nutritional Care of the General Nursing Council of Spain, gave her presentation on aspects of a balanced diet that are common to the Mediterranean diet and the One Health movement, the 3R menus (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and the 7S diet (Safe, Healthy, Sustainable, Satisfactory, Solidarity and Food Sovereignty).

Next, Carmen Martín, nurse and president of the Association of Nutrition and Dietetic Nurses (AdENyD), has addressed the main nutritional qualities of white coat pork. Thus, she has stated, it is a source of proteins of high biological value, essential for the development and maintenance of muscle mass; Its essential nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining good health and its digestibility facilitates the absorption of its rich nutrients.

Finally, José Antonio Beltrán Gracia, professor of Food Technology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zaragoza, has exposed the direct relationship between animal welfare and the organoleptic characteristics of white-layered meat.

At Interprofessional it is considered of utmost importance to offer society information based on science about the nutritional qualities of foods, and nursing professionals do great work in this direction.

Nurses are in constant contact with people who need to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet, so training events such as this webinar are especially necessary to transmit advances and knowledge in this matter to this group.

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