October 4: World Animal Day. The meat interprofessionals claim their commitment to animal welfare

Coinciding with World Animal Day, which is celebrated on October 4, the interprofessional organization for Spanish beef cattle (Provacuno) and those for Spanish sheep and goats (Interovic) and Hungarian (JTT), claim this date to publicize the scope of its commitment to animal welfare, since October also marks one year of its commitments, a responsibility that goes beyond the legal requirements established by the European Union.

“We want to claim the right of animals to live in peace under proper care. This idea has to go forward with the help of everyone, World Animal Day should be ‘The Day of Animal Welfare'”, explains Tomás Rodriguez, director of INTEROVIC.

“There is a great lack of knowledge of everything that has to do with animal welfare and its scope. For this reason, at Provacuno, Interovic and JTT, we believe that it is not enough to adapt to current legislation, but that we must always be one step ahead”, says Javier López, director of PROVACUNO.

Accredited certification seals, a tool for everyone

One of the issues that the three interprofessionals insist on is the importance of having certification seals that prove to be accredited to distinguish products that have been produced in a way that respects animal welfare. “This is not only important for consumers at the point of sale, it is also important for farmers who want to take a step forward and certify their farms and processes. Choosing a certification with the maximum guarantees or not can make a significant difference in the profitability of a farm”, concludes Tomás Rodríguez.

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