Postponement of Technical Vehicle Inspections

The Ministry of Industry agrees to temporarily suspend the obligation to pass the ITV of vehicles while the Decree of declaration of alarm status remains in force.

As FENADISMER, the national association of ITV stations, has been reporting, there have been many complaints that transporters and private drivers have been raising these days due to the lack of information regarding the obligation to pass the ITV of their vehicles, since while some stations remained open, others were closed, as is the case of the ITV Andalucía, Extremadura, Navarra and Asturias, due to their different legal management regime.

To avoid such lack of coordination and chaos for users, the national association that groups ITV stations agreed to contact the Ministry of Industry to clarify the situation after the approval of the Decree declaring the state of alarm. In response to its request, the Ministry of Industry has communicated that the obligation to pass the ITV of the vehicles is temporarily suspended.

Specifically, the Ministry of Industry has agreed the following: “In accordance with additional provision 3 of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the situation of health crisis caused by COVID-19, the deadlines imposed by the administration to carry out inspections are suspended. Therefore, during this period the obligation to pass technical inspections prescribed in the regulations is exceptionally suspended.

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