Promising results from the Leather ReBioenergia project

Leather Cluster Barcelona continues its commitment towards Zero Waste. The cluster is promoting different projects with the aim of obtaining the maximum valorization of organic waste-resources. Since 2021, Leather Cluster Barcelona is promoting the ReGenera project, to have a broader vision of how to optimize the valorization of byproducts and waste from the production process of the entire value chain of the leather industry.


Resultados prometedores del proyecto Leather ReBioenergia


ReGenera pursues excellence in valorization to transform by-products and organic resources from the tanning process in Catalonia, through technology and innovation, into products with high added value, such as oils for various applications, functional proteins for food or amino acids as biostimulants for organic farming.

Two more projects have derived from the global ReGenera project, ReGras Pro, developed by the cluster in 2022 to valorize meats and obtain oils and proteins, and Leather ReBionergia.

The ReBionergia project has been working since 2023 and its purpose is to dispose of terminal waste, that is, those that, once the best available techniques have been applied, remain with no alternative other than landfills, as is the case of skin scraps. or the sludge from the treatment plants.

In addition to the Leather Cluster Barcelona, ​​the ReBioenergia project has the participation of Igualadina de Depuración y Recovery SL (IDR), the research group of the University of Lleida (UdL), A3 Leather Innovation Center, and the Bioenergy Cluster of Catalonia (CBC).

The CBC brings together the bioenergy business sector and works to promote energy projects that ensure the country’s transformation towards a competitive and circular economic model.

This project has received support from ACCIÓ, the public agency for the competitiveness of Catalan companies attached to the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat of Catalonia, within the framework of aid for initiatives to strengthen the competitiveness of the entities that make up the Catalunya Clusters Program related, among others, to the implementation of strategic changes, innovations and new trends to the cluster or companies in the sector.


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