PronosPorc Awards 2023: The best price analysts in the state pork market

Once again, Mercolleida will present the PronosPorc awards, awards that recognize the best price analysts in the state pork market. This year its 13th edition was held, which is annual. The winners were Juan Pedro Florido, from ElPozo Alimentación; Josep Maria Cortasa, from Ramaderia Cortasa; and Pere Riera, from Costa Food Meat, who have been recognized as the best price analysts in the state pork market.



The PronosPorc awards took place on Thursday, December 14 at the La Lonja Conference Center in Lleida and will bring together the main pig operators from all over Spain.

Year after year, these awards have gained prominence within the sector and have already become a reference at the state level, attended by the most representative operators in the country, as well as members of local, regional and state institutions.

This prominence is given by the reputation of the meetings that take place every Thursday in Mercolleida. In the so-called Price Boards, the main producers and slaughterhouses in the Spanish pork sector contribute their knowledge about the market situation so that Mercolleida can establish the weekly price of Spanish pork that best reflects reality. Prior to the session, operators make a forecast of the result with which they believe Mercolleida will close the session and, based on this forecast, the PronosPorc awards are organized.

The prices of the Mercolleida pig market serve as the basis for more than 90% of the purchases and sales of pigs carried out in Spain. This makes Mercolleida the reference for the Spanish market at a European and global level, even more important if we take into account that Spain is the first pig herd in the EU and the third in the world, while it is the largest European exporter and the second in the world. Mercolleida has direct contacts with operators and reference markets in the main pork producing countries.


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