PROVACUNO distributes 1,000 solidarity meals in four municipal centers in Madrid

The Madrid City Council together with PROVACUNO have held a solidarity meal on December 28 for the users of four reception centers for homeless people in the capital. The solidarity meals, which have been prepared by eight chefs with a Michelin star from Madrid, have been carried out at the Municipal Centers for the Homeless, San Isidro, Puerta Abierta and Juan Luis Vives, as well as at the José María de Llanos Foundation .

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has visited the José María de Llanos Foundation, where the teachers and students of the Escuela de Hotelería del Sur, led by chefs Jesús Sánchez and Iván Cerdeño, have been in charge of preparing this food for the women and their children, residents of the center.


Javier López, director of PROVACUNO, highlighted during the solidarity delivery of Beef “the commitment of this sector to society and those most in need, in the same way that we do with our animals”.

Beef is part of the Mediterranean Diet, the healthiest in the world. “Our product is an incredible source of energy due to the quantity and quality of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Its consumption within a varied and balanced diet is health”, highlights the director of PROVACUNO, Javier López.

The 1,000 menus that have been distributed throughout the four centers have been: stewed oxtail timbale with truffled mashed potatoes; peppered beef tenderloin with grilled mushrooms and onions; Christmas stew with rump of veal and tender vegetables; roast beef with Christmas plums; stewed veal cheeks with vintage vegetables and Cordoba-style oxtail.

In the San Isidro center the chefs Javier Estévez and Kisko García have been the ones who have cooked, and Fernando del Cerro and Javier Aranda in Puerta Abierta. Meanwhile, in the Juan Luis Vives center, chefs Juanlu Fernández and Israel Ramos have been in charge of the menu.

The interprofessional PROVACUNO began to carry out solidarity actions to help the most needy throughout the national territory with the start of the pandemic and, since then, it has not stopped, always with the collaboration of Michelin star chefs.

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