Provacuno launches ‘La Champions de la Comida Casera’, the new campaign to enjoy and hit Christmas with the best meat in the world

PROVACUNO, has launched the campaign “Comidas de Navidad, La Champions de la Comida Casera”, to encourage the consumption of the best beef in the world, ours, during the Christmas holidays. Some parties that will be different this year due to the current pandemic situation, but in which beef should never be lacking, a star ingredient on most tables in our country.



The idea of ​​the campaign is to place ourselves in those Christmas lunches and dinners, in which hosts and guests fight to prepare their best dishes to win that kind of competition that is organized in each house to prepare the star recipe. What the Fans del Vacuno community has called for this campaign the “La Champions de la Comida Casera”.

To help us win these authentic finals, Fansdelvacuno will carry out, from today and throughout the month of December, different initiatives, content and contests, both on the website and on the Facebook, Instagramprofiles and Youtube.


One year of free meat for cooking the best Christmas beef recipe.

Within the Christmas campaign, Fansdelvacuno has just launched on its perfil de Facebook the possibility of winning a year of free meat. To achieve this, they invite any user to cook a Christmas dish with beef and share the result in a photo. From there, the ideal 11 of participants will be chosen among those with the highest number of votes from fans (followers in the social network), while an expert jury will be the one who chooses the final winner of this Champions of Homemade Food of the Fans of the Beef.



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