Ramón de Cangas (Influencer and Dr. in Food Science) in Revista Cárnica: “For a healthy diet it is recommended to consume meat between 3 and 4 times a week”

Revista Cárnica Revista has interviewed Ramón de Cangas, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Doctor in Food Science and in Functional and Molecular Biology, to learn first-hand about the nutritional value of the different types of meat, as well as the recommended amount of consumption, its point of view on the production of the sector and whether synthetic meat can replace that of animal origin, in nutritional contribution. His conclusions are more than interesting, especially considering that coming from the world of science, there is little room for imagination and fake news.


Ramón de Cangas


Ramón de Cangas is the author of 17 books focused on people’s diet and nutrition, from a scientific point of view. “Meat is a group of foods that is part of the Mediterranean pattern and the recommended consumption within that pattern is several times a week. The meat matrix is not only a source of proteins of high biological value, vitamins such as B12 or “minerals such as iron. It also provides bioactive substances such as transnvaccenic acid (important for the immune system) or different bioactive peptides (important for satiety, immune system, etc.) among many others.” The researcher explains that “the Spanish meat industry and Spanish livestock farmers do a very great job,” because “the products have quality and prestige and innovation, development… and offer increasingly visible results.”


About meat substitutes

And answering all the hoaxes that are spread online and that do not have scientific evidence, Ramón de Cangas recalls that “the nutritional contribution of meat substitutes is difficult to know at the moment. It has been said that some elements, such as vitamin B12, will not be present although it is true that it can be added later or genetic modifications can be made.

For all this, the interview in Revista Cárnica is clear: “the Spanish Community Nutrition Society (SENC) recommends consuming lean meats and poultry between 3-4 times a week” and consuming less red meats.

Well, nothing more to add.

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