Report on Telecinco: “Mediaset experiences how complicated the work of a rancher is and understands the importance of livestock farms for rural areas”

Within the Rural Getaway section of the  Telecinco website, journalist María Verdoy makes a series of reports about the rural world and its protagonists. On this occasion, and for which we echo, the journalist experiences first-hand how complicated the work of a rancher is, at the same time that she understands the importance of livestock farms to activate the rural areas of Spain.


Reportaje en Telecinco: "Mediaset vive lo complicado que es el trabajo de un ganadero"



Among other important points, the report analyzes how good animal nutrition determines the level of milk that will be produced. For this reason, farmers always use top quality products to achieve excellent dairy products.

New technologies facilitate the work of ranchers when carrying out the ‘zero waste’ policy. Innovation, as indicated in the report, has allowed new cultivation techniques, which allow absolute control of the fields.

The Mediaset presenter has visited various cattle, sheep and goat farms to understand the great importance they have in maintaining the rural ecosystem.

It is important to give visibility to these reports to raise awareness of the importance of farms for the people, the ‘firebreak’ effect that sheep have and the hard work of a rancher, among many other things.

Thanks to  Telecinco for her work, which we echo.

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