Spain can now export beef and offal to Thailand

After more than five years of constant effort, the sector has obtained authorization to export beef and offal to Thailand. The opening of new markets for export has been a primary objective in the strategy of the international area of the interprofessional PROVACUNO.

Since Spain received the declaration of “Country with Negligible Risk of BSE” in 2016 by the World Organization for Animal Health (WHO former OIE), the sector, in collaboration with the Spanish Public Administration, has worked tirelessly to open markets for interest and expand our commercial objectives.

The interprofessional has been working on opening Thailand since 2018, when the first application form was submitted. A year later, the Thai authorities suspended the process and PROVACUNO asked the Government of Spain for a new effort. At the beginning of 2022, Spain received an inspection visit from the Thai authorities to a limited number of production centers, culminating satisfactorily in October 2023 with the authorization to export beef to this important Asian market, which is the fourth world importer of offal products.

Thailand, along with other Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, has become a priority destination for beef. As explained by Provacuno, the 72 million consumers in this country – which is in full demographic expansion, as well as its purchasing power – make it a market of opportunities. Consumers in this region are also betting on competitive, quality beef, such as that produced in Spain.




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España consigue la autorización para exportar carne de vacuno a Tailandia

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