Spanish meat exports drop 4% in quantity but grow 22% in value

The data referring to Spanish meat exports offered by ICEX-Estacom shows how, despite the reduction in the amount of meat exported (4% less, 874,663 t), the value of meat and meat derivatives marketed outside our country has grown by about 22% to 2,841 million euros, being the highest figure so far recorded for the first quarter of the year, according to Eurocarne. magazine.



Types of meat:

  • Exports of pork and its by-products are the majority, reaching 641,774 t, -6%, but with a value of 1,823 million euros, 23.2% more.
  • In beef, the amount exported has had a positive behavior, rising 2.2% to 59,257 t, for 315.48 million euros, 15.8% more.
  • In sheep, the amount exported has decreased by almost 4,000 t, amounting to 14,247 t. Despite the drop, given the high international prices, the value of what was exported was 73.32 million euros, 4.2% more.

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