Spanish meat production grew in the first quarter of 2020 by 2.4%. But sheep and goats suffer

If we analyze the sum in the production of the first quarter, the results show an increase in the general calculation of 2.4% to add 1.95 million tons, at a growth rate lower than in previous years. In pigs, the sum of the three mere months yields a production of 1.32 million tons, 4.4% more than in 2019. In poultry meat the drop is 3.8% over 419,623 tons.

The rest of the categories had more or less similar behaviors in March: beef grew 4% to 166,997 t, sheep production fell 2.5% (24,302 t) and goat production (-8.1 % 2,512 t), and that of the rabbit remained stable at 13,683 t.

If we analyze the behavior by Autonomous Community and species, we see how in the case of beef there has been a decrease in the main producer during the first quarter: Catalonia dropped 1.2% its production to 35,654 t while the second producer, Castilla y León, increased it by 5.4% to 27.4545 t. It is worth noting the strong growth of C. Valenciana, which already occupies fourth place with 17,164 t.

Finally, in sheep we see an increase in Castilla y León that reaches 6,414 t (+ 3.1%), followed by Catalonia, which drops sharply in production (-10.2%, 3,292 t). Castilla-La Mancha also fell (-2.3%, 3,207 t) while in Aragón the rise was around 10% (2,824 t).

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