Success in the annual meeting of the Anafric sheep-goat group

Under the motto “Innovation and Collaboration”, Anafric has organized the annual meeting of the association’s sheep-goat group at the Hotel Rey Don Jaime in Castelldefels (Barcelona) where the main businessmen of the Spanish sector have been present in an atmosphere of exchange. of ideas and opportunities. The president of Anafric/Ovicebo, José Friguls, was in charge of welcoming those present with a welcome speech full of enthusiasm and expectations.




“It is an honor for me to welcome once again this distinguished group of businessmen, whose commitment to our association is exemplary,” said the president. The conference addressed crucial topics such as trade, the sheep sector and the extension of standards, communication and digitalisation.

The program included high-level presentations.Ruth García, commercial director of Meat Attraction, highlighted the advantages of this international fair for Spanish meat companies. For his part, Tomás Rodríguez, manager of Interovic, presented an innovative proposal to renew the standard extension.

Digitalization, engine of innovation

Juan Pascual, author of the book ‘Reasons to be Omnivorous’, surprised with convincing arguments in favor of meat products. Finally, Alfons Cornella, a renowned thinker in business innovation, inspired those present to adopt digitalization as a driver of innovation.

The event, held on June 20, culminated with the announcement by host Viñals Soler about the venue for the next meeting, which will be Valencia. In addition, José Friguls thanked the sponsors AfrontaBlinker y Meat Attraction for their invaluable support in organizing the event.

“Thank you all for participating and for making this meeting a resounding success,” the president concluded, encouraging those present to continue enjoying a subsequent dinner and make the most of the networking opportunities.



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