Thanks from the Provincial Hospital of Castellón to the donation of Fresh Meat

The Castellón Provincial Hospital Consortium, on behalf of the management and all the workers at the center, are grateful for the altruistic donation of the company Carnes Frescas consisting of protective partitions for Hospital workers.

The Castellón health center wants to highlight the “social solidarity that we are receiving throughout the health sector. It is a spiritual consolation to see how, from the individual who does it personally, even small, medium and large companies have wanted to collaborate with their contributions in fighting this pandemic. ” From the direction of the center “we appreciate the donation, wishing health and well-being for you to all yours.”

Fresh meats made a donation to 4 hospitals in Castellón (from GVA Hospital General Universitari de Castelló – Departament Salut Castelló, Hospital de la Magdalena, Hospital de La Plana and the Consorcio Hospitalario Provincial de Castellón), who took the last Friday, April 25.

Before, the company Carnes Frescas was in solidarity with those most in need in these uncertain times we are living, contributing its “grain of sand” through a donation of lamb meat to Cáritas Castellón and Valencia.

The donation was made on April 1 and 2 to the food bank of Cáritas de Castellón and Valencia. In total, the donation was 1,380 kilos of lamb leg.

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