The Basque Country continues to train sheep and goat herders to guarantee generational change

Interesting article published in Eurocarne that we echo. Artzain Eskola is a center in the Basque Country that offers training based on theoretical modules and a practical part that takes place in farmhouses or farms. It has just celebrated the closing of its 26th pastoralist training course with the traditional delivery of diplomas and makilas to the 10 students who have completed their studies this year.



The school has become a benchmark at the state level in teaching sheep and goats with an educational model based on pedagogical innovation and applied technologies in environmentally responsible production processes.

Noteworthy fact: 7 of the people who have received their diplomas are under 30 years of age and 4 of them have not yet turned 20. These figures support the important role played by the Arantzazu school in rejuvenating the sheep and goat sector Basque and guarantee the generational change.

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