The beef sector launches the beef solidarity campaign ‘Muy Fans de ti’ before the covid-19

The beef sector in Spain has mobilized to help in these difficult weeks caused by COVID-19. This sector, made up of more than 130,000 people among ranchers, professionals in the food industry and retail, has taken a step forward to contribute its grain of sand to this pandemic that keeps Spain and the world on edge.

For this reason, from PROVACUNO, the interprofessional of the sector, it has been decided to launch a campaign of solidarity and commitment to society, aware of the seriousness of the problem and these times of confinement. A campaign with the name Fans del vacuno, very fans of you, that encourages you to persevere in defeating the virus.

The feeling of the sector for its people and for society, for the sick and also for those who continue to work every day to save lives, in addition to those who, from the world of cattle, continue to make it possible to feed the population to achieve the end Happy wanted, it was wanted to be summarized in the video Muy fans de ti.

It is a motivational video that is released today and in which the sector shows its pride for its people in the sector, for the ranchers, transporters and all those heroes without capes that make it possible for the rest of the population to stay at home. and fight this pandemic.

Spain has proven to be a caring, dedicated, collaborative, imaginative, creative country, with professionals in all fields who are capable of fighting together for the common good, the good of all. For this reason, the video wants to encourage everyone to overcome this situation with force and without hesitation, and it wants to spread it through the media, social networks and other media to spread the message.

Among the food aid actions, PROVACUNO also works on behalf of the entire sector when donating Spanish beef to various field hospitals throughout the country, which shows that it is a committed organization and that it wants to get there. where it is needed, with an essential contribution of beef.

An invaluable source of proteins, vitamins and minerals so important for the recovery of patients and to also give strength to those who work with them.

And another of the actions to be carried out by the sector is through social networks, to offer entertainment in these difficult hours, through the world of cooking. Thus, chefs, athletes and nutritionists will help cook in a fun way dishes from the best restaurants in our country, to practice cooking techniques never disclosed before, or to learn curiosities and tricks to learn how to prepare the best beef. All this can be seen on social networks Facebook and Instagram in the profile @fansdelvacuno.

As Javier López director of PROVACUNO assures: “These are difficult times, but together we will get ahead. And we will do it more united, stronger and with the illusion of having successfully overcome this situation. The effort of each one of us, as he can, when he can and where he can, will be fundamental and that is why we will always be ‘Muy fans de ti’. Of all those who contribute to overcome this pandemic. ”

The video can be seen on the YouTube channel of Fans del vacuno, at this link.

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