The biogas sector is committed to locating its plants in slurry transformation centers

The Spanish Biogas Association (Aebig) is committed to placing its plants at the center of the transformation of slurry and manure to produce fertilizers, creating new possibilities in the management of livestock waste and field fertilizer.



This is what he says in an interview with EFE Agro. “Biogas plants usually treat slurry, manure, chicken manure and other products rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the mixtures of which in turn function as fertilizers.” With this, it helps to avoid environmental problems such as excessive application of slurry, drilling into aquifers or bad odors.

Biogas plants not only act as recipients of these by-products and produce the gas that is later recovered by injecting it into the network or for energy consumption, but also offer other options such as slurry “regulatory” centers, facilitating logistics and providing new sources. of income and energy such as those represented by renewable gas.

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