The cattle collective condemns those who cause the fires “either by negligence or intentionally”

The Asturias Ganadera  collective wanted this Friday to express its “most resounding condemnation” of those who “cause” the forest fires that ravage the autonomous community, “whether they are farmers or not, and whether due to negligence or intentionally.”

In a letter sent to the press, they point to the “administrations” in the existence of fires of these dimensions, firstly because they contribute to the disappearance of small livestock (lack of institutional support for production and sale, lack of control over predators) that it controls the proliferation of scrub is extraordinarily good, and also for having disempowered neighboring communities in the management of the forest without offering effective alternatives in scrub control (insufficient clearing and burning, grazing is not favored on the dates when the outbreaks are most punished bush springs)”. “Fires are more serious and important in the most uninhabited rural areas, which also points to institutional responsibility”, they point out.



Asturias Ganadera proposes:

  • Forest clearing strategies based on efficient and sufficient clearing and controlled burning to generate pastures that feed livestock and serve as firebreaks.
  • Reforestation in areas of forest vocation based on deciduous and native species.
  • Promote the presence of small livestock.
  • Encourage young people to stay in the villages.

Finally, note that “extensive livestock farming is the best ally against forest fires, and not the cause of them.”



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