The EC studies toughening the requirements for the transport of animals

The EU Commission wants to further tighten legal requirements for the transport of animals and implement greater animal welfare.

This is published by the main press in the sector: EuroCarne and Revista Cárnica. Among other things, transport times should be reduced and night transport should be mandatory in case of transport at high temperatures. This information comes from the not yet published proposal for a regulation on the protection of animals during transport.



According to the European Commission, the transport of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses to the slaughterhouse should, in principle, take no more than nine hours in the future. If pigs must be transported by road for purposes other than slaughter, the Commission wants to limit the duration to 21 hours, with a break at ten hours. If animals are granted a rest day outside the vehicle after the maximum transport time has elapsed, they may be transported again for a maximum of 21 hours.

Asoprovac Catalonia has held its annual conference where the main challenges that the beef cattle sector will have to face have been addressed. He has also debated the tightening of the requirements for the transport of animals: “The welfare requirements in transport can endanger the continuity of the European sector due to the loss of competitiveness that they will entail.

Therefore, according to the association in words reported by EuroCarne: “we must continue working so that the regulations are applied with common sense.”



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