The European Commission launches EU-JAMRAI 2 to provide a unified response to antibiotic resistance

After the success of the first edition of EU-JAMRAI, 120 organizations from 30 countries, including the AEMPS and 20 other Spanish entities, come together to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This joint action seeks to implement concrete actions to monitor, prevent and effectively fight antibiotic resistance in all areas of human, animal and environmental health.

Spain once again plays a crucial role in this second part of the project. The AEMPS, through the PRAN, leads the communication and awareness work areas and co-leads dissemination, PROA in human health, animal health and the environment. In addition, another 20 national and regional institutions and organizations are part of the Spanish presence, co-leading other areas such as improving infection prevention and control actions with a “one health” approach, or leading the EU evaluation. -JAMRAI.


La Comisión Europea lanza EU-JAMRAI 2 para dar una respuesta unificada a la resistencia a los antibióticos


The second Joint Action on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Related Infections (EU-JAMRAI 2), has been coordinated by the French organization Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), with the support of the French Ministry of Health and the participation of Spain through the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and 20 other Spanish entities. The aim is to more effectively combat antimicrobial resistance, a major public health threat responsible for more than 35,000 deaths a year in the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) and 1.3 million people in everyone.


One health

Building on the success of EU-JAMRAI 1, which ran between 2017 and 2021, this latest project champions a “one health” work program bringing together EU Member States, together with Iceland, Norway and Ukraine. EU-JAMRAI 2 seeks to implement concrete actions to effectively monitor, prevent and fight antibiotic resistance in all areas of human, animal and environmental health, empowering participating countries to strengthen their national action plans.

The mission is to reduce the risk of exposure of European citizens to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This involves structuring integrated surveillance and strengthening infection prevention at a “one health” level, while improving care for patients with bacterial infections, ensuring, for example, access to effective and proportionate antibiotic therapy.

EU-JAMRAI 2 is co-financed by the partners involved and the EU4Health Programme, with a total budget of 62.5 million euros, of which 50 come from the European Commission.


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