The European livestock and meat sector launches its Nutritional Sheets

La UECBV, the European meat association, has presented a new initiative focused on promoting the nutritional importance of meat, together with the latest scientific knowledge that underlines its crucial role in balanced diets for all population groups. Major scientific studies published in the past two years mark a significant shift in the understanding of meat’s positive contributions to healthy nutrition.



Therefore, the UECBV aims to:

➔ Shed new light on the nutritional value of meat and its crucial role within a balanced diet.
➔ Meat is a crucial component to ensure the nutritional security of the EU population.
➔ Meat provides high-value protein and serves as an affordable and readily available natural food, as well as being a source of numerous essential micronutrients.


The “Meet Meat” nutrition fact sheet offers a condensed, easy-to-use analysis of the nutritional composition of meat, focusing on crucial elements such as protein content, essential nutrients and dietary guidelines.

“Meet the Meat”

Meanwhile, the Nutrition Fact Sheet “The role of meat in vulnerable populations” delves into the mechanisms through which meat consumption improves the health and nutrition of specific population groups such as children, pregnant women and the elderly.


“The role of Meat in Vulnerable Population ”

The UECBV has meticulously compiled the results of the latest scientific research, ensuring maximum precision and relevance. This new knowledge presents a valuable opportunity to improve nutritional resilience and safety in all population groups in the long term and should serve as a basis for policy measures from 2024.


The fact sheets are easily accessible on the UECBV website and social media platforms, allowing the public to freely access them.


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