The Generalitat de Catalunya creates a new culinary lamb prototype to increase its added value

Within the framework of the Food Strategy of Catalonia, and in collaboration with the Fundació Alícia, the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, through the General Directorate of Agri-food Companies, has created two new culinary prototypes with lamb and legumes with the aim of increasing the added value of these two products. Specifically with the lamb, a 5th range stew has been created with the parts of the lamb that have less commercial value.




As a result of this collaboration with the Alicia Foundation, and within the framework of the Food Strategy of Catalonia, at the beginning of the year the project “Produced from primary sector products to increase their added value” began. The basis of this initiative is to promote innovation in small and medium-sized companies and producers in the primary sector and accompany them in the ideation and development of new products that represent added value due to their culinary and gastronomic potential.

Link with the culture of the country

The one made from lamb meat is strategic to promote a sector that is affected by a drop in production and consumption. As a product with a great link to the country’s food culture, opportunities are seen in terms of territory and landscape and the possibility of working with native breeds.

To devise the new products, transversal strategic alliances were incorporated into the project with the participation of the Llobet Group, the Empordà Agricultural and Food School, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia, PRODECA and IRTA.

The objective is to create new products that are easy and simple to prepare, understandable and identifiable by consumers, be real products and not transgressive products, be based on gastronomic knowledge or that guarantee an ethical and consistent price for manufacturers, processors and consumers.

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