The market for beef and sheep in Japan 2020: ICEX study

The ICEX has carried out a study on ‘The market for beef and sheep in Japan 2020’, which offers a complete description of the supply, demand, prices and perception of the Spanish product.

Japanese demand for bovine meat represented almost 950,000 tons in volume in 2019, of which 64% were imports, and in recent years there has been an increase in dependence on abroad. Meanwhile, sheep meat has a smaller presence, although with roots in part of Japan and, since there is almost no national production, demand is covered by imports.

Despite the reduction in consumption growth forecasts in the coming years, both products present market opportunities that can be exploited by Spanish companies to enter the country, such as the growing importance of prepared dishes, the beneficial aspects for the health of these meats and the appearance of new consumption patterns among the population.

Spanish companies interested in this market are recommended a strategy aimed at positioning their product in the gourmet market, where meat of European origin is of greater importance.

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