The meat industry, before the Negotiating Commission of the State Meat Industries Agreement

From the business representation, made up of ANICE, FECIC, ANAFRIC, AGEMCEX and ANAGRASA, in the second meeting of the Negotiating Commission, we addressed the responses to the aspects included in the joint UGT-CC.OO Platform, also adding the approaches that were presented from our position.

During the meeting, the business representation expressed the deep uncertainty that exists in some of the core aspects of this agreement and any others that are in the process of new negotiation, such as the announced reduction in working hours, which may alter significantly the economic sections of the agreement and it is necessary to find formulas, together, to avoid distorting the fundamental aspects of the agreement, in the event of any alteration.

An approach that is not shared by the union platforms, but that the business side considers nuclear. Aspects that will be debated, with a permanent and constructive dialogue, during the next meetings that are already scheduled.”


Se constituye en Madrid la Comisión Negociadora del Convenio Colectivo estatal del sector de industrias cárnicas

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