The Ministry and the autonomous communities monitor the temperature of livestock transport during the summer

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), in coordination with the autonomous communities, has launched an action plan for the control of temperatures in animal transport during the summer of 2020. It affects transport of more 8 hours to other countries, both within the European Union and outside it. The organizers of animal transfers have to make sure that the maximums allowed will not be exceeded and will have to deliver temperature records to the competent authorities once the trip is finished.

The control campaign, which was already launched in 2019, will run until September 15 and the autonomous communities will send a final report to the Ministry

It will ensure that the operator who manages the transfer has previously verified that the expected meteorological conditions make the trip possible and that the temperatures will remain inside the means of transport between 5 and 30 ºC, with a tolerance of ± 5 ºC depending on outside temperature. In the event that the records indicate that the temperatures exceeded 35 ºC, the corresponding sanction file will be processed.

More information in this link on the MAPA or in the information that Anafric advanced in June.

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