The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will establish direct aid for sheep and goat farmers

The declaration of the state of alarm by COVID-19 has caused a critical situation in the sheep and goat sector due to the closure of restaurants and hotel establishments, since the majority consumption of their products is carried out in this channel.

The Ministry urgently processes a royal decree, which includes direct aid that is intended for sheep and goat farmers, with more than 30 breeding females, as well as traffickers farms and concentration centers

The maximum amount of aid will be 30 euros per animal, which are equal to or less than 4 months old, that have left the farm for the slaughterhouse between March 14 and the day after the end of the alarm state. , up to a maximum of 70 animals per farm and 200 in the case of traffickers and concentration centers.

These sectors have been particularly affected by the rapid deterioration of the sheep and goat meat market, given that their production is markedly seasonal and linked to their consumption in restaurants and hotels, channels that have had to be closed due to the confinement measures decreed , which has generated a large surplus.

These measures will be included in a royal decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which will be processed as a matter of urgency. The Ministry will finance these grants, whose applications will be processed by the autonomous communities, once the royal decree has been published, through the appropriate procedures for the presentation of applications, processing, resolution and payment, throughout 2020.

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