The Ministry of Transportation decrees the extension of driving periods and the reduction of breaks until April 12

The Ministry of Transport has decreed (see here):

• Temporarily exempt freight operations affected by these circumstances from compliance with the rules established in the following articles of Regulation 561/2006:

o Article 6.1: Allow the duration of the daily driving period to be extended as long as the requirements established for breaks and for daily and weekly breaks are met.

o Article 8.6: Reduce a 45-hour weekly rest to a continuous rest of at least 24 hours, without the need for compensation.

o Article 8.8: Allow the driver to take his normal weekly rest in the vehicle, as long as the vehicle is adequately equipped for the rest of each of the drivers and is parked.

The exceptions provided for in the previous section will apply to drivers who carry out freight operations throughout the national territory. These exemptions will be applicable from March 29, 2020 until April 12, 2020, both included

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