The new CAP 2023-2027 enters into force

The new PAC has entered into force on January 1, 2023. It presents a volume of aid until 2027 of 47,724 million euros, which, added to the state and regional contributions to the co-financing of rural development measures, will exceed 50,000 million euro. It is an instrument to support farmers and ranchers in social, economic and environmental challenges.

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These changes affect more than 650,000 farmers and ranchers in Spain, the third country to benefit from aid, after France and Germany. The date of presentation of the aid will be between March 1 and May 31. From October 16 to November 30, the autonomous communities that decide so will be able to pay advance payments of the 2023 aid.

The CAP has, as main objectives:

  • Improve the profitability of agricultural and livestock farms.
  • Promote the necessary generational change and the incorporation of women.
  • Seek a more sustainable food production that consumes fewer natural resources and preserves biodiversity.
  • Promote innovation and digitization of agricultural activity.



  • The reform introduces “eco-regimes”, which means that 25% of the aid will be for a set of practices beneficial to the environment.
  • It implements national strategic plans, in which governments will have greater responsibility.
  • Among the prevailing environmental practices are crop rotation and fallow obligations, now interrupted, within the special measures approved by the EU in reaction to the Russian invasion and the tight supply.
  • The new CAP includes a redistributive payment for agricultural SMEs in order to make the subsidies fairer.
  • It establishes the social conditionality of the aid, that is to say that voluntarily in 2023 and mandatory in 2025, they will be linked to respect for labor rights; Spain will apply it in 2024.
  • This policy also includes the Posei program for the Canary Islands and the program for the consumption of fruit or milk in schools.


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