The OCU requests VAT 0% for meat

The 0.4% rise in food prices in May places the CPI for this item at 12.0% year-on-year, almost four times higher than the general index, which stands at 3.2%. According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the latest increase places a large number of basic products at prices that are difficult for many households to accept.

The year-on-year rise is felt above all in sugar (46.3%), olive oil (25%), whole milk (24.3%), potatoes (23.6%), pork ( 16.1%), legumes and fresh vegetables (15.8%), breakfast cereals (16.1%) or eggs (13.2%). In the month of May, in addition, the price of fresh fruit rose dramatically: 7%.

A survey on consumption habits carried out by OCU in December already warned of the harsh outlook that many families were facing as a result of the increase in food inflation:

  • Products on sale and white brands are prioritized
  • Purchases in super discount (low cost)
  • The consumption of fresh products, such as meat and fish (32%) or fruits and vegetables (18%), is reduced, replacing them with packaged and frozen foods.

For all these reasons, OCU considers that the 0% VAT should be applied equally to meat and fish, the main sources of protein.

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