The Paquito de Lamb takes Barcelona from October 3 to 30… and now it combines with cocktails

On September 22, the Paquito de lamb was presented to the press, but on this second occasion, it was accompanied by a cocktail specially prepared for the occasion, to pair the lamb bite with the soft starter of a cocktail drink. . The combination has been exquisite. Nearly 40 journalists have been able to enjoy themselves in a gourmet modernist atmosphere. The presentation took place in the classic Cafè del Centre, an emblematic establishment in Barcelona with almost 150 years of history.

El Paquito

INTEROVIC  has taken advantage of this moment to promote, from October 3 to 30, its iconic sandwich whose main ingredient is lamb leg fillet, a very versatile and affordable product that adapts to the needs of the young population.

El Paquito can not only be tasted in bars and restaurants but will also be present in a selection of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona. In total, more than 200 establishments are participating in this initiative, offering 200 different versions of the sandwich.

The complete list of addresses where Paquito can be combined with cocktails can be seen at this link.



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