The Parliament of Catalonia approves a resolution in favor of the meat sector

The Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Parliament of Catalonia, in the session of June 30, 2020, has approved a resolution presented by the Parliamentary Group Socialistes i Units per Avançar, and the amendments presented by the Grup Parlamentari Republicà and the Parliamentary Group of Junts per Catalunya, a resolution in favor of the meat sector.

In this resolution, the Parliament of Catalonia urges the Government of Catalonia to:

a) To include, both in the framework of preparing the Strategic Food Plan for Catalonia and the Strategic Plan to promote the commercialization and internationalization of Catalan agri-food products, an analysis of the current situation with specific actions aimed at the small companies that produce meat products, taking into account the impact that the increase in the price of pigs has had on its viability.

b) Ensure that the existing strategic frameworks, which have to improve the competitiveness of companies in the meat sector, aim to:
1. To promote a sectorial space to coordinate and agree on actions between the various agents involved in the food chain and the Administration itself.
2. Bet on quality, excellence and added value in all the products made.
3. Define actions to help exports through joint platforms or collaboration spaces for the promotion of the sector.
4º Promote measures of financial, business and other types that help overcome these difficult times.

c) Continue to develop, in agreement with the Catalan Food Council, communication campaigns to give value to the Mediterranean diet, through a varied, healthy and balanced diet, where the consumption of meat and the weight between the different types of foods to be eaten guarantee adequate health for people according to different age groups, and raise awareness of the historical, economic and territorial importance of this diet.

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