The Pork and Chicken Market in South Africa 2020: ICEX Study. Good time for pork ribs and frozen chicken

The ICEX has published the study ‘The market for pork and chicken in South Africa 2020’ Prepared by Carlos Pérez-Valenzuela, from the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Johannesburg. offers in 48 pages a complete work with data from the pork and poultry meat sectors from 2015 to 2019.

The study, it is pointed out, must be contextualized in an economic situation in which, before the arrival of the global pandemic of COVID-19, South Africa was in a technical recession, due to the contraction of the economy in the last two quarters of the year 2019, 1.4% and 0.8% respectively. So it follows that the economic situation will be aggravated, after the months of quarantine in the country, due to the virus, whose effects have produced an unprecedented global crisis.

South Africa is the main producer of chicken meat in southern Africa and represents 80% of the total production in all of Southern Africa. There is a growing black middle class, which is changing consumption habits with more valuable and more nutritious meat products, instead of products like corn. The main distribution channels are, without a doubt, the large supermarket chains, with great purchasing power.

The outlook for the sectors is positive since, despite being mature and developed markets, sales volume is expected to grow from 2020 to 2024 of 1.4% in the pork sector and 18% , 6% in the chicken meat sector.

Finally, the opportunities are clear for Spanish companies in the sector: pork ribs are a product widely consumed by South Africans, so the export of this frozen product would be a good starting point for entry into the country, at the same as with frozen chicken pieces or whole chicken piece.

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