The pork sector advocates for a trade understanding between the EU and China

The white pork sector advocates for understanding in trade relations between the European Union and China, and makes itself available to the Chinese authorities to share all the documentation they require. This has been stated by the White-Capped Pork Agri-Food Interprofessional (INTERPORC) following the statement from the Chinese authorities in which they announced an anti-dumping investigation into the import of pork and its by-products originating in the EU. A process that will last about a year and in which there is plenty of time for the EU and China to reach agreements.


El sector porcino aboga por un entendimiento comercial entre la UE y China


The white pork sector, which has met with the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business, shares the statements made by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas in the sense that “trade wars are not good for nobody”. With absolute respect for the work of the European, Spanish and Chinese authorities, which are in charge of regulating commercial relations, the Interprofessional, which brings together the entire pork chain and the meat industry associations, expresses its wish that This good harmony is maintained in relationships.

The Spanish pork sector and Chinese authorities and operators maintain excellent relations that have led Spain to be the first supplier of pork products to China. Commercial relations that are carried out with absolute transparency, and for this reason the Spanish pig companies will collaborate by providing all the information requested by the Chinese authorities.

In 2023, Spain exported 560,488 tons of pork meat and processed products to China for a value of 1,223 million euros. Spanish pork products are highly appreciated in China and have the trust of consumers because they guarantee food safety through the most demanding production model in the world.


El sector porcino aboga por un entendimiento comercial entre la UE y China

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