The pork sector is committed to promoting dialogue between the European Union and China

INTERPORC has met with the Chinese ambassador to Spain, Yao Jing, to whom it has conveyed the “need to enhance dialogue between the European Union and China to find a solution to the situation generated by the anti-dumping investigation announced by the government of that country. country”.


Embajada china


Its president, Manuel García, recalled “the fair and equitable environment of cooperation that has always characterized the commercial relations between the pork sector and the authorities and distributors of that country, which he trusts will continue to be maintained.” The Spanish pork sector, García highlighted, “is an example of efficiency and a case of export success, which serves as a mirror for other Spanish sectors that aspire to conquer international markets.”

To this must be added the solid ties of trust established between INTERPORC and the Chinese authorities, as well as between Spanish pork companies and distributors in that country. “We value the good relations that have always existed between Spain and China, as well as between companies from both countries, and we are totally sure that this trust is mutual,” said the president of INTERPORC.

In this sense, the president of the Interprofessional has once again confirmed the unity of the Spanish pork sector and his willingness to collaborate with the Chinese authorities in the investigation of anti-dumping measures: “to find a solution that undoubtedly exists for this situation since “Trade wars benefit no one.”

For many years the relationship between both countries has evolved successfully, being a model of collaboration and mutual benefit. Spain is the main exporter of pork to China and, in turn, this country is the most important foreign market for the Spanish sector, with exports worth 1,223 million euros.


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