The pork sector works on sustainability as its main axis

INTERPORC, INTERPORC, the Interprofessional of Capa Blanca, is working on a sustainability roadmap with the aim of helping pig companies to continue improving their environmental parameters. This has been reflected in the round table ‘Where is the pig production model in Spain going’ held at the Lorca Livestock, Industrial and Agri-Food Fair (SEPOR).



Interporc’s roadmap is structured into four areas:

  • Climate change
  • Air quality
  • Circular economy
  • Water

The roadmap, according to Manuel García, president of Interporc, and Alberto Herranz, indicates how to address issues such as greenhouse gases, reducing the carbon footprint and the environmental footprint, ammonia, slurry treatment, purification of water, animal feed, the valorization of by-products, the generation of biogas, the use of biomass boilers, waste management and the reduction of water use.

Interporc has explained the willingness of its companies to invest and work to continue improving the global sustainability of the sector.


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