The PRAN Strategic Plan 2022-2024, National Plan Against Antibiotic Resistance, is launched

The new National Plan Against Antibiotic Resistance is now ready, which establishes the work objectives of the project and manage to stop the growth of antibiotic resistance and its impact on health from a “One Health” perspective.

The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan establishes the project’s work objectives for the next two years. As you know, the PRAN is an idea conceived by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) that decided to respond to the fight against antibiotic resistance in 2012, when this was not yet a priority on the Spanish political agenda.

The project ended in 2014. The PRAN is structured around six strategic lines (surveillance, control, prevention, investigation, training and communication) and recognizes that isolated efforts are not enough to tackle a problem that knows no borders between sectors. Therefore, the backbone of the PRAN is “One Health”, which includes human health, animal health and the environment.


Plan 2022-2024

In human health, it will be necessary to implement improvements in the tool for hospital indicators and consumption maps, their disaggregation by age group and population, the development of a framework for social health centers, as well as developing specific work actions in collaboration with other professionals of health such as nurses and dentists.

In animal health, there is a need to be closer to the field and to strengthen dialogue with the different sectors thanks to a new organization of the working groups:

Consumption Surveillance Working Group
Resistance Surveillance Working Group
“Reduce” working group


The groups will work along these lines:

Surveillance of antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance.

Control of antibiotic resistance.

Prevention of the need for the use of antibiotics.

Research strategy.

Specific training development strategy.

Communication and awareness to the population.



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