The Spanish associations of the meat sector and cattle rancher meet with the European patronal, in Meat attraction.

Between the topics discussed, the celebration of the next General Assembly of the UECBV and the environmental mark of the meat

The Anafric, Anice, Anprogapor and Asoprovac associations of the meat and cattle rancher reunite with European patronal, in Meat Attraction

The secretary general of the European Union of Livestock and Meat Trade (UECBV), Karsten Maier has attended to the 3rd edition of Meat Attraction 2019, invited by the Spanish business associations that are part of the UECBV, Anafric, Anice, Anprogapor and Asoprovac. The secretary of the European sectorial patronal maintain a reunion with the Spanish representatives to treat, among other things, of the next celebration of the General Assembly of the UECBV, which will take place on November 8th and the measures to mitigate the environmental mark of the meat. The secretary general of the UECBV also had the opportunity of share impressions with the minister of agriculture, fisheries and food, Luís Planas, during the fair’s first day.

The UECBV works on an advanced methodology to calculate the complete environmental mark of the meat (veal, lamb and pork) of the EU in a stable and solid way with a scientific base. This way, it seeks to improve the environmental performance of this sector and each one of the phases on farm. The European Union of Livestock and Meat Trade (UECBV) group, nowadays, 53 national federations or regions, of 24 of the 28 States members of European Union. They’re integrated also to the patronal Japan, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine. Spain has a considerable weight in this patronal since it supposes a 20% of the same. Nowadays the Spanish members of the UECBV are the meat business associations, Anafric and Anice and the associations of producers, Anprogapor and Asoprovac.

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