The V Interovic Seminar has analyzed the future of sheep and goat meat

INTEROVIC has celebrated today its V Seminar in the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid. Nearly one hundred professionals from the production and marketing branch of the sheep and goats sector, responsible for the main agricultural associations and institutions, concentrated to analyze and find solutions for the future of sheep and goat meat.

Among some of the issues discussed was the continuing attacks on the sector that come from groups with “clear interests against meat consumption,” said José Manuel Álvarez, director of  Carne y Salud platform. The event was attended by Dr. Antonio Escribano, a specialist in nutrition and sports medicine, who analyzed the information and continued attacks on meat consumption.

“The opening of new markets continues to be, along with the increase in consumption, the guiding thread of INTEROVIC. The president of the interprofessional, Raúl Muñiz, explained during his speech that “they are working on the opening of new markets such as Japan and the same is expected to happen throughout this year to countries such as China and Singapore.”

Tomás Rodríguez, director of the interprofessional of the sheep and goats sector, has presented the communication and promotion actions. In this regard, Rodríguez stressed “the importance of the strategic plan that INTEROVIC has been developing, both at the national level, to increase the consumption of sheep and goat meat, as well as internationally, for the search of new consumers”. A work that was recently recognized with the Food Prize of Spain. In addition, he noted that the sector has gone from billing 1,500 million euros in 2010 to be above 2,000 million today.

Extension of the rule

Another of the main issues discussed during the seminar was the next renewal of the extension of the norm. Through a round table, moderated by José Puntas, president of the IGP Cordero Segureño, and integrated by Antonio Ponzano, farmer; Benito Arribas, marketer; and Ana Charles, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, talked about the financial possibilities generated thanks to the effort of the sector as a whole. Funds that, thanks to European aid, have allowed the interprofessional to multiply them by four.

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