Training day at Leather Cluster Barcelona

Training day at Leather Cluster Barcelona
Executives from all over the world have visited Leather Cluster Barcelona at the hands of Emilià Duch, promoter of the strategic change of the leather sector in Igualada. On June 26, the cluster hosted a session of the Competitiveness Summer School 2023, an international training in clusters that IESE organizes every year, promoted by the Foundation for Clusters and Competitiveness (Fundación Clústeres y Competitividad).



The attendees have been able to discover and analyze the process of change of the Igualadian leather tanning and finishing industry thanks to the adoption of sustainable practices, to become the most technologically advanced leather industry, having faced environmental challenges as advantages.

They also discussed the future challenges of the Leather Cluster Barcelona, visited the research laboratories of the A3 Leather Innovation Center on the Igualada-UdL University Campus, and the tannery treatment plant, Igualadina de Puración y Recuperación.

Emilià Duch, a global benchmark in the field of clusters, was one of the promoters of the start of the cluster policy in Catalonia from the 1990s. In recent years he has been the Lead Private Sector Specialist of the Markets and Global Technology of the World Bank and in his professional experience he stands out during his time at IESE Business School, the coordination of the Cluster Excellence Initiative of the European Union and CEO of The Cluster Competitiveness Group.

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