Training to obtain the food handler certificate, from Afronta, an Anafric collaborator

Anafric and Afronta present training focused on the meat industry, specifically to obtain the food handler certificate, necessary for all those people who are in contact with food products. This online course is optimized so that students have effective training within the environment of the meat industries, focused on specific topics of this type of activity.




Afronta’s specialization allows the participant to easily identify, within the current or future work environment, those areas that must be paid attention to help guarantee safe food.

“We have made a pleasant and effective program, where the student is not only educated, but also knows the characteristics and needs of the meat industry and therefore of the product that he is going to handle.” they point out from Afronta.


The needs of the meat industry

This training has been developed in collaboration with Anafric, to guarantee that the subjects taught, in addition to meeting the needs of the meat industry, respond to compliance with current regulations regarding hygiene and food safety, in addition to protecting against audits and inspections of its associates.

The meat industry needs competitive, effective and adaptable products and services, which is why we have decided that this training is equally competitive, optimizing costs and time, adding a free processing service for bonuses, so that it does not involve economic or management effort for Anafric associates. Effective since it can easily be integrated into the employee welcome processes and adaptable, since we can adapt part of this training to the circumstances and image of each company.

In the event to present the course at Afronta’s Madrid headquarters, José Friguls, president of the National Association of Meat Companies, Anafric and Manuel Argudín, head of the food industry area of Afronta Consulting and Training, participated.

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