Wanted bakers, butchers and transporters. There is secure work.

There are more and more “lifelong” professions for which it is almost impossible to find employees. Tele Madrid has echoed a problem that may call into question the survival of a job like that of butcher. According to regional television, with 60% of Madrid’s butcher shops, chicken shops and delicatessens run by people over 45 years of age, the sector faces a lack of replacement, despite its high demand for employment. There is work, they say, guaranteed.



The same thing is proposed in Valencia. The Guild of Bakers and Pastry Chefs of Valencia and the Guild of Butchers-Delicatessens of Valencia and Province (Grecarval) warn of “the lack of generational change to carry out the traditional trades of their sectors” and demand qualified and attractive training in the face of this problem. These professional groups emphasize that the lack of generational change “leads to the disappearance of businesses, but also of knowledge and traditions.”

In the Balearic Islands, same problem. The Balearic labor market suffers from a significant lack of labor in the transport and meat sectors, in addition to working conditions that can be improved, due to a need for training and qualification with a cost that is often difficult for companies and workers to assume.




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