What is farm 5.0? The example of Vall Companys

The Vall Companys Group is committed to digitization and technological innovation to achieve full sustainability in the sector. This is demonstrated by Farm 5.0, which proposes a digitized, efficient and sustainable livestock thanks to technology. With this initiative, the aim is to guarantee maximum sustainability of resources, prioritize animal health and welfare and put innovation at the service of farms.

The Group’s Livestock Production Manager, Albert Vidal, explained that this R+D+i platform arose from the collaboration between the specialist technical teams and the farmers of Vall Companys with the aim of developing systems that improve animal welfare, the efficiency and sustainability of pig farming.



“Thanks to the Farm 5.0 technology, we were able to monitor both the efficiency of the feed and its effect on the growth curve of each animal. This has made our learning faster and more precise”, pointed out Vidal.


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