What is joint ownership of agricultural holdings? We explain it to you with these examples

Shared ownership is a legal concept of agricultural exploitation that can be used by those couples who share the work and management of the exploitation. This figure allows the administration, representation and responsibility of the exploitation to be of the two holders, promoting equality between both.


The regulation of shared ownership farms is included in Ley 35/2011 sobre titularidad compartida de las explotaciones agraria.

The inscriptions of farms under the shared ownership regime are reflected in the Register of Shared Ownership Farms of the Ministry (RETICOM), which is nourished by the information provided for this purpose by the Autonomous Communities.

What does the Shared Ownership of Agricultural Exploitations mean?

  • Administration, representation and responsibility for the exploitation of Shared Ownership between the two titular members.
    Distribution of yields at 50%.
  • Consideration of both owners as direct beneficiaries of the aid and subsidies to which the exploitation is subject.
  • Social Security contribution by both members.

Measures adopted to promote the registration of farms under a shared ownership regime:

  • Advantages when accessing priority exploitation status.
  • Preferential treatment in the regulatory bases of the subsidies financed by the General State Administration (AGE).
  • Preferential access for co-owners to training activities and advice on agriculture.
  • Consideration of these incentive measures in the plans and programs of the AGE in agriculture, rural areas and the environment.

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