Where does the polluting CO2 come from?

At Anafric we echo a news story published in the Diario de León. Contrary to the theory that made the field responsible for excess C02 emissions, caused by climate change, the new data support that livestock management is not to blame for this burden. Recent records show that ranching is not the primary cause of climate change. Data from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge indicate that livestock meat productions represent only 7% of the total GHG emissions in our country. The livestock production, meat processing and marketing sectors have continued to carry out their activities since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the population adequately supplied with safe and quality food.

Organizations like Greenpeace have recognized that the average values ​​of nitrogen dioxide in cities like Madrid barely reached 40% of the limit set by the World Health Organization and the EU. Some 1,000 million people live on livestock and meat production in the world, of them more than 2 million in Spain, whose meat livestock sector reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, the improvement of the environment and the reduction of greenhouse gases. greenhouse effect.

From Anafric and the Carne y Salud platform we will publish verified information on the meat sector every week and positive data on the environment and sustainability.

Source: Diario de León

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