Which establishments remain open during the Alarm State?

The containment measure to prevent the spread of Covid 19, according to decree-law 463/2020, contemplates the reduction of commercial activity, cultural facilities, recreational establishments and activities, hotel and restaurant activities, and other additional activities.

But, what are these establishments:

  • Retail commercial establishments for food, beverages, products and essential goods.
  • Pharmaceutical, health establishments, veterinary centers or clinics, optical and orthopedic products, hygienic products.
  • Press and stationery
  • Automotive fuel
  • Tobacconists
  • Technological and telecommunications equipment
  • Pet food
  • Internet, telephone or correspondence commerce
  • Dry cleaners, laundries and the professional practice of hairdressing at home

In any case, the activity of any establishment that, in the opinion of the competent authority, may pose a risk of contagion due to the conditions in which it is developing, will be suspended.

The Minister of Health is empowered to modify, expand or restrict the measures, places, establishments and activities listed above, for justified reasons of public health.

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