Within the framework of the EFE Dialogues: Pork products are nutritious, healthy and beneficial for children

Meat and processed pork products are part of a complete diet because they provide the nutrients we need, which makes them very suitable for age groups such as children. This has been reflected in the event ‘Nutrition and healthy living habits’ organized by INTERPORC within the framework of the EFE Dialogues in Madrid.



The event included the participation of Antonio Escribano Zafra, director of the Nutrition, Health and Agri-Food Sector Chair, of the Marañón-Asaja Foundation study center; Gaspar Ros Berruezo, professor of Nutrition and Bromatology at the University of Murcia, and dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Murcia; and Alberto Herranz, director of the Interprofessional White Coat Pig Association (INTERPORC).

During the dialogue, Antonio Escribano and Gaspar Ros explained the high biological and nutritional value of pork products, highlighting that they provide proteins, all essential amino acids, minerals such as iron and zinc and, above all, group B vitamins, which They allow the correct functioning of the nervous and immune system.

In this sense, they have emphasized that vitamin B12, essential for the development of red blood cells and the brain, is practically only found in meat and that, although attempts are made to supplement it with chemical products, this only partially covers its deficiency due to do not eat meat naturally.


Debunk hoaxes

For his part, the director of INTERPORC has referred to the communication carried out by Interprofessional to deny hoaxes related to the consumption of pork in which “we always rely on what science says.”

In this sense, he stressed that any adult is very free to follow the diet that he likes the most, but, in the case of children, doctors and nutritionists constantly remember that “they need a balanced diet, so it is advisable to be very careful and “Do not deprive them of food adequate for their needs.”

Iron helps a lot with children’s cognitive development; potassium to your immune system and muscles; phosphorus to your bones and teeth; and group B vitamins to your nervous system and reduce your fatigue. “All of this is present in meat and pork products,” Herranz recalled.

That is the reason, he has pointed out, why INTERPORC frequently holds workshops for children in which it helps them learn more about this meat and its nutrients and can identify it both fresh and derived.

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